Produce for the week of 9/21

Arugula $2.50/bag
Beets, $2.50/bunch–with or without greens; please specify
Beet greens, $2.50 a bag. A new crop of beets are in so beet greens are back!
Bok choy, $3.50/bunch
Broccoli, $3/bag; intermittent supply, but please ask
Cherry tomatoes, $4/pt
Collards, $2.50/bag, $1.50 if it’s your first purchase!
Garlic, medium, $1.50/head
Green beans, $2.50/bag
Kale $2.50/bag
Lettuce $4/bag
Mint, $1.50/bunch
Onions, $3/bag
Parsley, $1.50/bunch
Peppers, poblanos, mild heat, medium size, $0.75 each
Peppers, sweet red bell, large, $1.75 each; medium, $1.25 each
Peppers, sweet red Carmen, large, $1.00 each
Peppers, sweet yellow lunchbox, $2.50/box
Peppers, shishito, $1.75/box
Potatoes, $3/bag; specify red or yellow
Swiss chard $3/bag
Tomatoes, Juliets $3.25/ pint box
Tomatoes, slicing, medium, $1.25 ea
Tomatoes, slicing, small, quart box, $3
Zucchini, $1.50/ea–back in stock!

How to place your order
Text 774-279-0814 to place an order.
Please include YOUR NAME, the items you want, and what day you would like to pick up.
We prefer text, but if you don’t text, you can send an email to

How to pay
Use Venmo: Pay your total to hopestillfarm . Venmo is a simple and free phone app for making secure payments.
Set up a declining balance: With your first produce purchase, leave a check for $50 or more, made out to Hopestill Farm. We will keep a running tally of your balance, and alert you when you are getting low. Please include an email address for declining balance checks.

How to pick up your order
On the day you requested, come by the farm (117 Mill St., Sherborn) between 4 and 6 PM. Park on the gravel at the top of the hill. Come down to the house and up to the big side porch. Your order will be waiting for you. Thanks